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Random ramblings

I had my hair cut today. I'd been thinking about having it chopped for a while but couldn't make my mind up whether to keep it long.

My hairdresser is a friend of mine. She is very decisive! I envy her!

I was trying to think of the downside of being decisive but I don't think there is one? It's not the same as being impulsive - that's a different thing entirely.

Whilst I'm talking about qualities/traits, it has just occurred to me that my approach to the giant painting I'm working on has been very random: I had a plan but I keep deviating. I think it's because it's so big. I wonder if a different approach to usual will be visible in the outcome?

Our personalities are no doubt reflected in what we create and/or the way we create it - it makes sense. In the same way our art becomes an extension of ourselves. Perhaps that's why I feel particularly attached to my artwork (that and the tremendous effort that has gone into it).

My husband would most likely describe me as random - I'm writing this whilst eating my lunch (it's 4.25pm)! Luckily, I think he likes my randomness 😊. I'm not saying that being random is good or bad, it's more of an observation that it spills over into my art.

I also think that most of my seemingly random acts are intentional, even if I only realise that afterwards. There is logic at the heart of everything.


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