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Reviews received from happy customers! 

Anna has created the most beautiful paintings for us over the years of much loved family pets; mostly dogs but a token horse too! Every single one has been absolutely sensational; she has such a talent of capturing the character of the pet despite only having a few photos as reference. And a few times she’s had to use artistic license when the photo isn’t perfect (ie changing the background from an old sofa to a lawn, or adding in a bottom to the painting when it was covered by a cushion in the photo!) which she was done flawlessly.
I couldn’t recommend her more and we are looking forward to (hopefully!) many more commissions from her!
Thank you Anna!

Charlotte Dales, received by email

"I'm beyond happy with the commissioned painting. It was based just on an old photograph and now brings memories to life in the most special and sympathetic way. An absolute treasure!"

Received by email

"Anna has just completed a portrait of my Daughter in acrylics. I am absolutely thrilled with it. It’s stunning! Looking into the eyes I see my Daughter looking back at me.
"I am so blown away by the portrait I have commissioned Anna to do a portrait of my late, beloved Father."

JR. Received by email

"I can’t believe how amazing the painting is. It’s just beautiful."

R. Received by email.

"Thank you so much for the amazing portrait, it's fabulous. Looks just like me. "

E. Received by email.

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