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I am a Hampshire-based artist and I work from a studio in my garden. I like to keep my subjects varied but have a particular interest in people and places. I do commission-based work alongside my own artwork.

I work mainly in acrylics, building up layers of paint – applying it fast to begin with (which creates some happy accidents) and then slowing the process down. I like to leave some parts unfinished and develop other areas to make the painting work as a whole. I enjoy capturing a likeness and a sense of a place without using too much detail.

One of my favourite painters is Edward Hopper. I love his painting style but also his choice of subject - often quite unremarkable but allowing narrative interpretation. 

2022 was full of exciting developments. I have painted more of my own work than ever before, exhibited for the first time and I was picked to be a contestant on Landscape Artist of the Year, Series 8.

I explored different themes and particularly enjoyed painting a series of retro objects. It all began with a painting of some rollerskates which led to a Tomahawk, some Converse and developed into a full on shoe painting fetish. I will continue to explore the retro theme this year and there will be many more paintings of shoes.

I have had a greater variety of commissions than ever before and worked in a range of sizes from mini portraits, to a 1m square landscape. It's definitely kept things interesting and I am so grateful for all the commissions I receive.

I've discovered that I enjoy working on unusual shaped canvases too. It started with a tall thin rainy London street scene and ended with a narrow horizontal painting of Aldershot train station (my submission piece for LAOTY).

It's certainly been a busy year and I'm excited to see what opportunities 2023 brings!



BA (Hons) Illustration, University of Westminster 1993 to 1997

Anna Rotheisen Art - Studio
Anna Rotheisen Art
LAOTY Contestant

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