I am a Hampshire-based artist and I work from a studio in my garden. I like to keep my subjects varied but have a particular interest in people and places. I do commission-based work alongside my own work.

My art studio is a recent and very welcome development. Having spent years working in the kitchen amongst the chaos, I finally have a light and calm space to be creative – and no need to pack everything away every time I finish painting!

Simultaneously – for the first time since having children – I find myself with time to dedicate to painting. I am incredibly grateful for the commissioned work that has kept me busy over the years but I am excited by this opportunity to explore new themes and styles and discover what excites me artistically. 

I work mainly in acrylics, building up layers of paint – applying it fast to begin with (which creates some happy accidents) and then slowing the process down. I like to leave some parts unfinished and develop some areas to make the painting work as a whole. I enjoy capturing a likeness and a sense of a place without using too much detail but I am still learning when to stop!

Colours that sing and a good composition are also very important to me. One of my favourite painters is Edward Hopper. I love his sensitive use of colour and the way he captures light. 

My other love is portraiture. Currently my favourite theme in other people's work, I would like to explore it myself in greater depth by completing the 100 Heads Challenge that started on social media. To find out more, please go to my 100 Heads page.

My ambition for 2022 is to lay the foundations to becoming a full-time artist. I have had so much support from so many people to get to this stage and I feel excited and daunted to be beginning this journey. I hope you will come along for the ride!


BA (Hons) Illustration, University of Westminster 1993 to 1997

Anna Rotheisen Art - Studio
Anna Rotheisen Art

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