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New chapter

It's a funny feeling to realise your dream. Now that the knowledge that I'm going to paint full time has sunk in, I'm starting to lose confidence a bit. I feel like I've been all talk recently and no action. What if I get a creative block? Will people be expecting all my work to be amazing from now on? I have been super busy but truthfully I think I've also been avoiding my studio and making excuses to do other things - like writing blogs!

I started a couple of paintings that didn't go so well recently and it's playing on mind - self doubt creeping in. But of course there are going to be challenges and good days and bad days.

The idea of this not working out is unthinkable, so here's my plan. I'm going to stay focused and positive, work hard, be disciplined and take risks (artistically). I'm going to listen to podcasts and take breaks to reset. Most importantly I'm going to remind myself that I'm doing what I love and how flippin lucky I am!

I can't waste this opportunity and my overwhelming emotion is excitement not fear!

Tomorrow will be a good painting day!


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