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My Name is Bob

There's something about children's art that is so pure and magical. My 9 year old drew this picture of 'Bob' today sitting next to me in the studio. He was really chuffed with it and I wasn't allowed to look until it was finished.

I will be forever striving to find the joy I experienced through art when I was younger.

I hope he never loses his passion – that he doesn't compare himself unfavourably with others or become discouraged in art lessons at school. I can already see his confidence dwindling.

I have so many talented friends that haven't painted or drawn for years because they have lost confidence and don't know where to start (I barely picked up a paintbrush for about 10 years so I know what that feels like).

I have all kinds of strange quirks that enable me to do my art: I make do with old brushes – I think this is so I can 'blame my tools' if the painting doesn't turn out well. I don't really follow rules or know much about colour theory etc – I'm afraid I would be overwhelmed and focus too much on the theory instead of the actual painting.

My message to anybody who wants to start painting or get back into art is to keep things simple. Paint what you love. Don't be intimidated by other people and their art and don't get caught up in the rules – if it works for you, that's all that matters.


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