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Just keep painting

So despite my great expectations for my new career as a full time artist, I've had a bit of a false start. Those who follow me on social media will know that I have had a horrible virus and it's really knocked me for six! I have found myself repeatedly saying 'just keep painting, just keep painting and everything will be alright' (and picturing Dory in Finding Nemo). I've realised that when things get a bit complicated or out of control I try to take back some control by focusing on my art. Painting always leads to good things!

But painting has been a struggle this week. . . I only just met the deadline for Affordable Art Fair Battersea. These last few days I have had to accept that I just need to stop, rest and recover. It has been hard and I've struggled physically and mentally.

However, I've chosen to view the recent setbacks as a test and not as a sign that I've made the wrong choice. My lovely husband rearranged my studio yesterday ready for the large commission I am about to start (pictured). It's 4ft x 5ft! I feel so much more positive!

I look forward to sharing progress pics of the commission on social media. If you are not following me and would like to, please find me on Facebook and Instagram.


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