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Certainty is overated!

Anna Rotheisen Art

I don't always find it easy to articulate my thoughts – perhaps that's why I paint?

When someone suggested I should write a blog I was a bit sceptical. What would I write about? What even is a blog?

The strange thing is that recently I have been pondering a lot of things that I'd like share so I decided to give it go and see. . .

This week I've spent a lot of time thinking about uncertainty and how it affects me. Probably because we are living in such an uncertain time. It occurred to me that I usually make decisions so that I can eliminate the uncertainty – often choosing something less favourable just so that I know what the outcome will be.

I heard that, apparently, the most successful people are those who can cope the best with uncertainty. This doesn't surprise me.

So I've decided that I need to adapt and change. I am going to endeavour to be brave in the future and make bold decisions.

Certainty is overated! Isn't it?


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