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I accept commissions for bespoke works in a variety of mediums. If you are thinking of commissioning a piece of artwork, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Even if you only have the beginnings of an idea, I would be happy to discuss it with you and make suggestions. I can work from good quality existing images or take photos myself depending on the commission. For further information and prices please contact me.


These prices are a GUIDE ONLY. as every commission is unique. More detailed pieces may cost more due to the additional time they take.


For rectangular canvases the price will be calculated in line with the prices below ie a 40 x 50cm canvas will be £450.

15 x 15cm £125 (£175 for portraits)
20 x 20cm £200
30 x 30cm £300
40 x 40cm £400
50 x 50cm £500
60 x 60cm £600
70 x 70cm £750
80 x 80cm £900
90 x 90cm £1000
100 x 100cm £1200
100 x 150cm £2000
120 x 150cm £2400


For portraits of more than one person each additional person/likeness is £100.

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